Brand : VIVO

Vivo Vibe 660 Oscillating Total Body Vibration Exerciser – VIVO VIBE 660

VIVO Wellness introduces VIVO Vibe 660, our premiere evolutionary exerciser that uses vibration therapy for total body fitness and well-being. VIVO Vibe 660 utilizes the latest in oscillating vibration technology and is the perfect alternative to traditional fitness workouts. Offering a personalized wellness regimen that is low impact, safer, better and provides faster results, VIVO Vibe 660 is the latest approach to fitness that makes science and wellness technologies do the work for you! Burn calories and lose weight by working hundreds of muscles Reduces fat and the appearance of cellulite Firms, tones and strengthens the entire body Maximize workouts by targeting key areas of the body VIVO Vibe 660 stimulates the body without the feeling of being overworked. The vibration delivers resistance while the brain sends signals to the muscles stimulating hundreds of reflex muscle contractions per minute. VIVO Vibe 660 is versatile giving you a faster, harder and more complete workout in a shorter period of time. As our premiere oscillating vibration exerciser, VIVO Vibe 660 delivers our finest, quality-crafted machine for use at spas, fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation centers. Not only more durable and long lasting, it provides a smoother and quieter workout with a wide range of speed controls to adjust to all body types, shapes and sizes.


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