Price : $24.97
Brand : Nayoya Wellness

Weighted Gloves – 1 Pound Each Glove for Sculpting Piloxing Cardio Aerobics Hand Speed Coordination Shoulder Strength Turbo Jam MMA and Kickboxing

These 2 pounds Weighted Gloves weigh 1 pound per glove and are used to add resistance to any workout, walking routine, or exercise regimen to improve hand speed, shoulder strength, endurance, coordination and muscle tone. They are easy to take on and off and fasten with a velcro closure, and provide added resistance while cushioning your hands.

– These Weighted Gloves will not slide back and forth to disrupt your activity of choice. They will remain stable on your hands so that you can focus on your walk or exercise routine.

– Made of luxurious, neoprene padding for the comfort you need.

– Great for kickboxing, piloxing, cardio, boxing, walking, zumba and other aerobic activities

– Tones and strengthens your arms and shoulders, while increasing endurance and hand to eye co-ordination

– You can wear these weighted gloves while walking your dog as they will not interfere with the leash. You can also easily talk on your cell phone while wearing these weighted gloves.


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