Brand : Canyon Hoops

Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise and Fitness – Glitter & Prismatic Tapes – MADE IN USA – Ship 1 or 100 One low price

Canyon Hoops began in 2004 and we have shipped over 50,000 of our hoops worldwide. Unlike the five and six piece sport hoops you find on Amazon our hoops are 100% made in the USA.
This is the same basic Weighted Exercise Hula Hoop from Canyon but with cool glitter, holographic, fluorescent decorative tapes, cool vinyl tapes and neon grip tapes. Hooping with decorative tapes heightens the experience for you and anyone watching as light is reflected off the hoop in all directions. Now with black-light glow in the dark, Neon Grip sticky tape to make those off body hand and lower body movements easier. No amount of normal use will cause the hoop to kink, crack, bend, or crush. Our Weighted Exercise Hoops have been designed to combine the ideal size and weight to help you lose weight, trim your waist line, build stamina, and improve your overall fitness level. The small 38 inch diameter hoop is ideal for smaller body type adults, teens and adults who want a bit more challenge. The 42″ diameter regular hoop is ideal for most beginners and intermediate hoopers and is a bit easier due to its larger size and weight. Get fit! Get Hooping!
Questions? Give us a call on our toll free number 877-914-6677 and we will make sure you get the right hoop!

Wow! We received the following congratulations from Amazon: “Your sales ranked among the top 25% of all sellers over the 2010 holiday season. In addition, your customer satisfaction metrics were excellent (in other words, A+) over this period.” We guarantee we will repeat this performance every holiday season.


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