Brand : WOSS Enterprises

WOSS Travel 3-Way Trainer Olive Drab, Made in USA

All WOSS Trainers are strong enough for anyone working out with them!!

This very Portable Trainer comes with a Padded Length-Adjustable Door Anchor, a WOSS Special. Besides using the Padded Door Anchor for length adjustments the Trainer also comes with two adjustable cam buckles on the Center Strap to easily adjust the height of the Trainer to your desired height. Having “3-Ways” to adjust the Trainer makes this system one of the most adjustable Trainers on the market -period.

The webbing is 1st Grade made in USA Military Webbing. Installs literally in seconds – simply place the Door Anchor over the door and close the door. You are ready to go.

Should you need help getting started here is a link to our Sample Exercises – simply click on the picture:

All this from the company with the best customer service in the industry!


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