Price : $139.29
Brand : Best brand

Under Desk Elliptical Exercise Trainer – Best Compact Elliptical for Home or Office – Mini Strider with Adjustable Resistance – Seated at Desk Elliptical


If you never seem to have the time to go to the gym, Bestbrand Compact Elliptical Trainer is the perfect product for you!

– This stylish Under Desk Stepper can be used while sitting and working at a desk, or drinking a cup of coffee while reading a book. – The small strider is quiet and easy to assemble. It will give you the workout you need.

– The Mini Stepper has 8 resistance levels. The higher the resistance, the more you work your muscles.

– This Elliptical Machine with non-slip pedal can be used to pedal forwards and backwards and work different areas of your body. It targets the abs, core, gluts, quads, hamstrings and calves.

– It is not recommended to use this product while standing!

– The small office exerciser features an easy to read, multi-function monitor that displays the time you spent exercising, calories burnt and the number of strides. It is efficient, portable and easy to store.

– This compact elliptical will be a great gift to family or friends!

– Assembly is required.

– As with any metal parts, the mini elliptical may produce squeaky noise, which is easily resolved by applying a tiny amount of oil found in the package.

30 days NO – QUESTIONS – ASKED return policy, plus 730 days of warranty and replacement parts.

We stand behind our products. Should you have any question about our Under-Desk Elliptical, please contact us and we will be sure to assist you!



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